A Sebastian Light Story

Exciting news!

In 2016 an anthology called Full Metal Magic came out and included stories featuring the main characters from some of the top urban fantasy authors working today…and me. At the time, all of the included stories were exclusive to the collection. You couldn’t get them anywhere else. Sadly, Full Metal Magic was a limited time deal and it’s no longer available. Which means my story, “Family Business: A Sebastian Light Story” has remained in limbo.

**cue movie announcer voice**

Until now…

Yes! Readers can once again get the story chronicling Detroit sorcerer Sebastian Light’s first foray into paranormal bounty hunting. Now, you won’t find it on Amazon, or any of the other book retailers. But if you’d like to read it, you can do so for free. I’ve decided to offer this story exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. If you are already one of the awesome peeps on my list, expect to get an email in the next couple days telling you how to download yours. If you’re a newbie just signing up, you’ll get those same instructions shortly after confirming your subscription.

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Here’s the cover of “Family Business” and a short little blurb about it:

Detroit Sorcerer Sebastian Light expects his first day as a demon hunter to go off without a hitch, but tricky family issues prove harder to slay than even the surliest of goblins.