Title: Branded
Series: Unturned #1
Author: Rob Cornell
Published by: Paradox Publications

When it comes to demon hunting in Detroit, it's burn or be burned.

My name is Sebastian Light. I'm a sorcerer and one of Detroit's best demon hunters. With my magical control over the elements, I can burn through bounties faster than the Ministry can issue them. So, yeah, the Motor City's other hunters have a problem with me.

But I have a bigger problem. A group of vampires decided they want to turn me for some reason, and now my blood is tainted.

Of course, news of my infection has spread through the city like Hellfire. I have a contract on my head, and my rivals think this is a perfect time to take out their biggest competition. I can expend magical energy to keep the contamination from spreading, but with these jerks constantly trying to kill me, I don't know how long I can hold out.

I'm getting weaker by the minute, have run out of places to hide, and don't have a lot of options. If I don't find a cure for this crap soon, I'm gonna end up dead, or worse--a freakin' vampire.

I just hope it's not too late.

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