Title: Consumed
Series: Unturned #5
Author: Rob Cornell
Published by: Paradox Publications

My name is Sebastian Light…and I am pissed.

Right now, I have one all consuming goal—the complete obliteration of the black witch coven the Maidens of Shadow. I don’t care how much dark power they yield. I don’t care what horrors they throw at me. And don’t try to warn me that my reckless use of my own magic might destroy me.

I. Don’t. Care.

Of course, the Maidens aren’t the only evil in the Motor City. The Detroit Ministry has suffered a coup, and the new leader threatens to dismantle the political system that maintains balance between the city’s natural and supernatural words.

I’m so focused on vengeance, I don’t really care about that either. But I probably can’t ignore it for long.

Like it or not, Detroit is going to need the Unturned.

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