Once again, Detroit sorcerer Sebastian Light finds himself targeted by the local undead, including the Motor City's oldest and most dangerous vampire. But this time, the stakes not only include his soul, but the lives of everyone he loves.
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Demon hunting ain’t so easy when you have to use an axe instead of a fireball.

A magical brand keeps Detroit sorcerer Sebastian Light from succumbing to the vampire infection roiling through his blood, but the brand also cuts him off from half of his power—maybe more.

Uncertain of his new limitations, Sebastian tries to play it safe even while hunting beasts on the Motor City’s paranormal most wanted list. But after a cadre of vampires attacks and burns down his home, like it or not, Sebastian must put those limits to the test—especially when he finds himself up against D-Town’s oldest and most powerful vampire.

More than Sebastian’s soul rides on finally defeating these undead deadbeats, including the lives of everyone he loves…and a chance to learn the truth behind his father’s mysterious death.

Series: Unturned, Book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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