Darkness Returns

Title: Darkness Returns
Series: The Lockman Chronicles #4
Author: Rob Cornell
Published by: Paradox Publications
Genre: , ,

The darkness returns...

One objective has driven Craig Lockman since the day his daughter arrived on his doorstep--protect her at all costs.

But now he works for a new Agency with a leader who insists Jessie is the Chosen One, prophesized to bring about The Return and send all supernaturals back to wherever they came from. He will stop at nothing to see it realized.

Meanwhile, still enraged over the loss of her sister, Teresa Stevenson sees Jessie as a dangerous monster who must die, and Teresa will suffer a frightening sacrifice to make it happen.

But everyone has forgotten one small detail--if anyone wants to get to Jessie, they'll have to get through Lockman first, and he won't make it easy.

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