Title: Enraged
Series: Unturned #4
Author: Rob Cornell
Published by: Paradox Publications

I thought my darkest days had passed. I should have known better.

My name is Sebastian Light. I’m a sorcerer, but I don’t know any spell that can fix this. My best friend in the world has fallen suddenly ill, and his bizarre symptoms keep getting worse.

Clues suggest the sickness might have magical origins, so I’m doing my best to track down its source.

Unfortunately, the trail leads to the most powerful black witch coven in the Midwest—the Maidens of Shadow. We used to kinda be friends, but they don’t care who their current plans hurt.

What do you expect from black witches?

Thing is, my growing rage over their recklessness has put me in touch with some seriously powerful magic. If I can’t save my friend, I don’t know if I can keep myself from going to a dark place I’ll never come back from.

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