The Last Unturned Novel is Here!

Consumed, Book Five in the Unturned series, marks the end of a rough journey for Detroit sorcerer Sebastian Light and his allies.

And you can grab your copy from Amazon now.

Here’s what you have to look forward to…

On the heels of a brutal loss, Detroit sorcerer Sebastian Light has one, all consuming goal—the complete obliteration of the black witch coven, the Maidens of Shadow. He does not care how much dark power they yield. He does not care what horrors he may face. And he does not care that his reckless use of his own magic might destroy him.

But the Maidens aren’t the only evil in the Motor City. The Detroit Ministry has suffered a coup, and its new leader threatens to dismantle the political system that maintains balance between the city’s natural and supernatural worlds. While Sebastian’s quest for vengeance blinds him to this larger threat, he can only ignore it for so long. Like it or not…

Detroit will need the Unturned.

I hope you enjoy this conclusion to the series. But I’m not done with Detroit’s magical underground. I’m currently working on Orphan Blood, the first of a spin off series. I’ll have more info on that in the near future.

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